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Hi! We are a bunch of Hitchcock fans and NYU students!

Akash Shetye, a writer and Cinema Studies major at NYU, hails from East Meadow, NY. His main interests include the study of form, study of individual directors, and the analysis of how cinema connects to our political, moral, and individual experiences. He has been a Hitchcock fan ever since he saw Vertigo in a high school class, when the mystery and shock of the movie completely changed his understanding of cinema. Email him atakashshetye35@gmail.com or follow him on Twitter @AkashShetye



Ellery LeSueur is a writer and cinephile from Chicago, Illinois. Her first experience of Hitchcock’s work was watching The Birds at a sleepover in fourth grade and has never quite been able to look at a bird the same way since. Her favorite Hitchcock films are Psycho, Spellbound, and The 39 Steps. As a student of cinema history, Ellery’s favorite topics include the Hollywood studio system, franchises, genre transformations, cinema trends in the 1950’s – 1960’s, and star studies. She spends most of her time thinking about the wonders of film and television. It’s a wonderful life.



Qi Wu is a Chinese graduate student majoring in Media, Culture and Communication at NYU, with a concentration on visual culture and cultural studies. Movies and travelling are Qi’s major passions. With an immense interest in suspense movies, she immediately fell in love with Hitchcock when she watched Psycho for the first time. Her favorite Hitchcock movies are Rear Window, Vertigo, Shadow of a Doubt and so many more! Qi’s other interests include media events and spectacle, psychoanalysis, and Chinese culture. Contact Qi via email victoriamoyu@gmail.com if you are willing to contribute to our website.




Vemana Madasu is a mediaholic. He survives on a steady diet of television, music, books and most importantly cinema. His love for film extends from film noirs to romantic comedies but not to horror cinema. He is especially fond of the Golden Age of Hollywood and believes that no other period of cinema history has since achieved that level of screenwriting. He has an everchanging list of favorite directors but Hitchcock has been unshakeable from that list.
A recent Masters graduate from NYU Steinhardt’s Media, Culture and Communication, Vemana’s work lies in the history and sociology of technology. His other interests are urban exploration, phonetography and storytelling. Check out his other projects at vemana.in and tweet to him @vemana




Benton Madsen is an aspiring film writer from New York. He’s a great lover of cinema, and the power it wields to influence perception. He presently attends NYU, and can commonly be found singing opera, or playing board games when he is not writing.




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